Act Healthy

Remember Forrest Gump?

Forrest’s momma always said, “Stupid is as stupid does.” She also said stuff about chocolate, but we’ll save that for another blog.

If stupid is as stupid does, what does that mean for calm, happy, kind, or even healthy? Can it be as simple as that? Can we act healthy and then become it?

Unhealthy is Sneaky

It wasn’t a choice the first time unhealthy came knocking. You woke up one morning and things had gotten bad so fast, or so slowly that you didn’t even see it coming. Then, before you even had time to gather your thoughts about it, the feeling was so thick that you didn’t have the wherewithal to get up or get help. That’s the misery of «unhealthy.» It’s so consuming and usually makes itself known first with a crisis. By the time you know you are sick, you are far enough in that you don’t even know what ‘healthy does.’

Healthy Does a Lot of Things

  • Healthy recognizes that new research makes a clear connection between feelings and food. So, Healthy tries a little harder to eat her vegetables.
  • Healthy knows that research shows even fine garden fare isn’t what it used to be, so Healthy consumes her micronutrient formula several times a day.
  • Healthy knows that dumping her mood medications cold turkey is the worst idea ever so she leans in for advice from her prescribing physician and joins supportive groups like “Feel Better with Autumn Stringam” to learn how other people are doing what Healthy does.
  • Healthy sleeps and works to maintain and good sleep routine.
  • Healthy steps outside, breathes, plays, and rests every day.
  • Healthy knows that extreme diet changes, extreme exercise, and extreme anything is extreme and thus, not healthy. Healthy makes small changes. She eats, sleeps, and plays like a healthy person – and eventually feels better than ever!

Act The Part!

Healthy really IS as Healthy does! Do Healthy! Act Healthy. We won’t all be perfectly slim or wildly athletic; we won’t all be level in moods or fantastically rested, but we can all feel better than we have felt. We can learn better habits by acting like we already have them!