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EMPowerplus Lightning™

“I bought the bulk pack to send with my daughter to college. They help her so much! With all the nutrition she WON’T be consuming at college, at least I know she will be getting her vitamins and minerals with the sticks. She doesn’t like taking pills, but because the lightning sticks are good tasting and convenient, I know she’ll take them. The pricing in the bulk makes the lighting sticks more affordable. Her favorite flavor is the sour berry. She doesn’t really like banana flavor of anything, but doesn’t seem to mind the banana flavored sticks.”

– Colette D.

EMPowerplus™ Advanced

«EMPowerplus has been a staple in my wellness routine for about 8 years, and I rarely go a day without it. The new Lightning Sticks are amazing, but I alternate between the capsules and the sticks – banana is my favorite flavor. I call it my “Brain Food” because it helped me recover (beyond my doctors’ expectations) from a traumatic brain injury. I highly recommend this product for any brain-related issues and just to feel better and enjoy life!»

– Marcy B.

“Stress can kill you! In 2013 my body found a spectacular way to get my attention… I fell over and couldn’t get up! (Over and over again over the course of a year.) A friend who ended up serving as primary volunteer chauffeur to me and my kids heard about EMPowerplus and told me about it. I was (am) thrilled with how much better I feel when I take it. I don’t think I’ve missed a day in almost 4 years. It’s amazing what your brain and body can do when they get the nutrition they need! Who knew, right?!”

– Wilderness Jen

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