Lightning Sticks

Lightning is the next generation of nutrition! It uses EMPowerplus as the base formula, but with additional manufacturing steps that greatly increase its bioavailability. We call this new advancement Direct-to-Cell™ (DTC) Technology, and it offers some major benefits:

  1. DTC Technology is able to micro-size the minerals to a sub-cellular level. This enables us to deliver micronutrition directly to where it’s needed most, your cells! No one else has this type of technology.
  2. Lightning is able to be absorbed sublingually. This means that it bypasses the slow, inefficient digestive system so the nutrients are uptaken nearly instantly. This leads to lightning-quick results!
  3. It makes the raw vitamins, minerals, and amino acids much more palatable so we can put it in a sweet powder that tastes like candy. Now, who doesn’t want that?

Lightning One

Lightning One is our most powerful formula yet; the best of the best! It’s essentially the same thing as the Lightning sticks, but it’s delivered in capsule form, which makes it more powerful in several key ways:

  1. We’re able to pack much more formula into a single serving. Just one capsule is equal to roughly THREE Lightning sticks!
  2. Because it’s absorbed in the gut instead of sublingually, its effects last longer as it is burned more slowly by the body.
  3. It uses the same DTC Technology as the sticks, so you don’t have to worry about poor absorption in the gut. Your body is still getting everything it needs.

So while it doesn’t have the instant effects of the sticks, it’s a more powerful, longer-lasting effect. Each has its purpose, it just depends on what you’re looking for!

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Lightning Sticks

Lightning One

Who is it for?

  • Anyone looking to boost their general mental wellbeing
  • People (including children) who don’t like swallowing pills
  • Anyone looking for a quick boost of calm, coping, and clarity
  • People who are very serious about their mental wellbeing
  • Those looking for long-lasting, powerful effects

EMPowerplus Base

Delivery Method

Direct-to-mouth stick




Center mass (gut)

DTC Technology




Discover the World's First Cellular Nutritional Supplement

  • We use a proprietary manufacturing process to microsize our minerals, allowing them to pass through biological barriers and go directly to your cells, which is where they should be. (No one else on the planet does this, to our knowledge.)
  • 20+ years of refinement have led to a formula of 36 perfectly balanced nutrients designed to optimize brain function and help you feel better.
  • Our formula is backed by science. In fact, it’s the most researched micronutrient formula IN THE WORLD, with 35 medical journal publications and counting!


Utilizing our proprietary Direct-to-Cell™ Technology and the proper ratios and balance of the nutrients to ensure world class bioavailability, we are committed to ensuring that your body gets the nutrition it needs to be successful, because you deserve more than expensive urine.

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Micronutrients are the fuel that our body needs to function. Providing these vital micronutrients on the cellular level goes a long way towards helping people feel better throughout the day.


People often report that they have "no more brain fog" when they take Lightning. This results in greater mental clarity and a better ability to think and reason. Do you think you might have "brain fog?"


Lack of proper nutrition can greatly affect our mood. Ever heard of being "hangry"? Most people report greater mood stability, less irritability, and increased happiness. It works great for children as well!


An inability to focus at work or school has become more commonplace than ever before. Lightning helps by assisting the body's natural ability to remain on task. That is life-changing for so many people!


Life can be stressful. Luckily, Lightning can help you cope with anything that gets thrown your way! It doesn't take away the cause of your stress, but it sure can help you cope with it. Who doesn't need a little help these days?


Lightning was designed to aid in your body's ability to produce those chemicals that result in restful sleep. Some people have even reported the best sleep of their lives when they take Lightning!

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Other supplements' minerals are too large to be absorbed by human cells.

Why Does Mineral Size Matter?

The enhanced minerals in Lightning® are 600,000x smaller than those in other supplements. Ours are actually SMALLER than human cells, so they actually get ABSORBED and used by the body. A claim no one else can make. 

Other supplements are just flushed right out of the body.

What is Cellular Nutrition?

Lightning® is powered by our unique, Direct-to-Cell™ (DTC) Technology. Simply place the powder in your mouth and let it dissolve. Our micro-minerals and other ingredients are absorbed sublingually! They enter the bloodstream almost instantly, going straight to the cells that need them most—no more inefficient and ineffective absorption in the gut, making DTC Technology the best in the world!