Feeling Balanced

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In my late teens, I struggled a lot with feelings of sadness and low energy. A family member started taking EMPowerplus, and I really noticed a difference. I hoped it would help me too. It only took a few months before I felt a lot better taking EMPowerplus than the other methods I’d tried. With EMPowerplus, I felt more normal. I was surprised that I didn’t just feel good; I felt balanced. 

I took EMPowerplus while I was pregnant with my first child, as much as I could with my extreme nausea. It was pre-Lightning sticks, so I would open the capsule and add the powder to a smoothie. I love that we have Lightning now because it is just so much easier. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I stopped taking EMPowerplus. I don’t remember why. After my daughter was born, I had horrible postpartum depression. I went to the doctor who prescribed medication. I went home and saw my bottle of EMPowerplus. I was uneasy taking the medication and thought, “I’ll just try this EMPowerplus for a week.” It helped. 

One of the biggest benefits is how much it helped my baby. She got high marks on everything and has been so healthy. I was especially grateful for EMPowerplus when she was just two months old because we had a significant family emergency, and it really helped me manage the stress.

The Lightning was such a blessing with a subsequent pregnancy because they taste so good—they’re like candy. I love that my body was just able to absorb them when I couldn’t swallow pills. After my extreme nausea subsided, I was still exhausted. Taking a Lightning stick gave me the energy to get up and prepare a meal and interact with my daughter. 

Now, as the mom of a preschooler and toddler, when I get a little sluggish or feel worn down in the early afternoon, a Lightning stick gives me a boost.

It helps me have enough energy to do what I need to do.

One of my new favorites is the Lightning with Prosper because it helps my stomach feel better too. My oldest daughter takes the banana Lightning, and I notice it helps her manage her negative emotions. She has fewer outbursts. She can’t swallow pills, so it’s awesome that she can get what she needs instantly. It’s a real blessing.

I’ve learned nutrition is not only helpful for physical and mental health; it’s essential. We don’t get what we used to from our food. No matter how healthy we try to eat, we can’t get all we need from just our food. True balance and happiness are possible. I know doctors usually advise you to give medication a month or more before you feel a benefit. I encourage people to do the same for these supplements.

Give them a month or more to make a difference in your life. You’ll be glad you did.

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