A Better Way to:


The Problem

Chances are, your body is not getting enough micronutrients. Thanks to a combination of mass production and depleted soils, the food we eat simply doesn’t contain the nutritional values it once did, even with a healthy diet. 

Many choose to supplement their diet, yet despite the rising intake of nutritional supplements, more and more people are experiencing nutritional deficiencies.

How can this be?

The Impact

This growing nutritional deficit has many consequences, one of which is a nutrient imbalance in the delicate environment of the human body. Declining societal mental wellness is affecting individuals, families, and generations. Something needs to change, and that’s where we step in!

Boost Energy

Enhance Focus

Lift Brain Fog

Improve Sleep

A Better Way

We had to completely rethink the way micronutrients are delivered and absorbed by your body. The result is the most researched micronutrient blend in the world! Over the past 25 years, we’ve built a catalog of products that work together to help provide a better way to live. 

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Meet Lightning™!

This is the foundation of good health. Our proprietary DTC Technology delivers essential micronutrients directly to your cells. That’s something no other supplement can do!

On top of that, it comes in two forms: a tasty powder that dissolves on the tongue (no pills needed!) and a powerful one-a-day capsule for those that need a complete nutritional foundation rebuild. 

Direct-to-Cell™ (DTC) Technology

We are driven by our mission to craft the most bioavailable supplements on the market. Our pioneering Direct-to-Cell Technology has brought that mission to life by enabling nutrients to effortlessly traverse biological barriers and reach your cells directly because it’s not what you take; it’s what you absorb! 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

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