Kimberly Sadleir-Acosta

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Renova Worldwide’s products have really enhanced my family’s lives.

My son, who is 21, is autistic. I’ve noticed he is happier, better tempered, and more focused on his goals when taking the Lightning One capsule. His creativity as an amazing artist is also enhanced. Life seems more normal for him on this product. My younger son has ADHD, and his focus and ability to stay on task have increased. He is also more optimistic, I’ve noticed since taking it.

I feel alert, focused, and happy when I take Lightning One capsules on a daily basis. It only takes one capsule to feel the difference and be more productive in my day. During my recent 40-day liver cleanse, I lacked energy due to limited food options and toxicity leaving my body. On the cleanse, I was allowed to have the Lightning Sticks. I had all the flavors (Banana is my favorite, though), and I took 2-3 of them at different times of the day to sustain my energy levels. It gave me a fun-sweet flavor in my mouth, and it was literally like having a cheat treat, but it was totally approved and good for my body. I received sustainability throughout my busy day of being a wife, mom, student, business owner, and therapist, as well as my duties in my church and as Mrs. Utah Universe 2023! I go, go, go, and Lightning One fuels me!

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