Love Your Guts!

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Might I suggest our bodies are something we can love each and every month? They are amazing! The systems and processes they execute 24/7 every day we enjoy on this earth are nothing short of miraculous. We don’t often truly appreciate the interconnectedness of all of our pieces or parts until one is injured or not functioning properly. Stub your toe or get a papercut on your pinky, and suddenly you realize just how many things you do that involve said toe or pinky. One of the systems or processes we don’t often talk about in sophisticated circles is our digestive system. I mean, really! Who talks about guts and elimination? It simply isn’t done. Well, it should be. Or at least, written about.

One of the ways our body continues to function, nay, its very source of energy, is utilizing all of the nutrients it can from the foods and supplements we ingest. This can only happen when the digestive system (primarily our intestines, affectionately referred to as guts) have a proper balance of good bacteria. This balance is actually quite delicate and can be hijacked by a number of things, including illness, copious amounts of sugar or refined foods, addiction, etc.

Once the nutrients have been gleaned from our food and supplements, our bodies need to eliminate any unneeded or excess matter that remains. The current recommendations range from bowel movements three times a day to three times a week. (Yes, I Googled how often we should have bowel movements. ) Proper hydration (especially water) is essential for the optimal functioning of many of our organs and systems, not the least of which are our digestive and elimination systems. Vegetables and fruit provide essential nutrients and helpful fiber. Physical activity has many benefits, including keeping your digestive tract free of digested materials.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. Like me, you might find despite your best efforts to do what you know you should to support the healthiest, happiest versions of yourself, you come up short of providing your body everything it needs from your food and lifestyle alone. The solution (or at least something to seriously consider)? Prosper.

Prosper is unlike other probiotics on the market. It utilizes a patented manufacturing process to transform prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes into an easy-to-consume powder.

Prosper is unlike other probiotics on the market. It utilizes a patented manufacturing process to transform prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes into an easy-to-consume powder. This wonderfully tasty powder transports these essential components of gut health in a spore form safely through the harsh stomach chemicals whose job it is to break down our food. Once in your digestive tract, they start to do what they do best: populate your system with beneficial probiotics and digestive enzymes to help your body efficiently rid itself of waste materials.


I have some friends who take this product, so I asked them why they like it. Here is what they said:

«It tastes good, and it works.» When I asked what was meant by «it works,» the reply was, «It keeps my system functioning like it’s supposed to.» As a mom and grandmother, I appreciate the necessity of a product that tastes good. No matter how good a product is, if you can’t get yourself or those you love to take it, it cannot help! (I know of very few, if any, kitchen cupboards or medicine cabinets that have experienced increased health and vitality from the supplements they safeguard.)

Another friend shared, «I use the Prosper because it keeps things moving through my digestive tract like they’re supposed to–especially after I eat a heavy meal. I might even take extra.» I liked this because I occasionally enjoy a more decadent meal than my regular fare, and I hadn’t thought to give my body a little extra support at that time.

Finally, I was told, «I take Prosper as part of my daily routine to keep myself healthy and balanced. It really seems to help my gut health.» I find this to be the case as well.

Bottom line? Show yourself a little extra love:

  • Start where you are.
  • Acknowledge what you are doing well as you strive to show your body the love and appreciation it deserves.
  • Consider treating your guts to a little extra love with Prosper. You’ll be glad you did! 

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