Product Spotlight: Silgenic™ Restore Gel

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What has been used for CENTURIES because of its natural antibacterial properties?

Every first aid kit, every car, every boat, every backpack, Every purse, and every medicine cabinet needs it!


What is Silgenic Restore Gel?

It’s a powerful hydrogel that promotes natural healing for the skin. Silgenic is powered by SilverSol Technology®.

Silgenic™ is made using SilverSol Technology®, which has taken traditional colloidal silver and improved it to create the next generation of silver products. Silgenic™ is safer and more effective than any other silver formula. Through a new manufacturing technology, patented under multiple patents, our advanced nano-silver solution has become the new standard by which all other silver products are measured.

Silver has effectively been used for centuries because of its natural antibacterial properties. Today it’s used in thousands of consumer products, including medical products, fabrics, and supplements. Silver is very effective as a colloid (silver suspended in water). Colloidal silver is a suspension, and SilverSol is a solution. The biggest difference between a solution and suspension is the size of the silver particles.

Each positive charged SilverSol nano-silver particle has a patented silver oxide coating & can steal thousands of electrons per particle, compared to the 1 to 1 electron exchange with ionic silver. In addition, we supercharge the nano-particle with the same frequency as ultraviolet light. This UV light frequency is harmless to human tissue and is highly destructive to bacteria, fungus, and yeast. This powerful combination of silver oxide coating and UV frequency multiplies the effect exponentially. SilverSol at a concentration of 10 ppm is up to 3 times more effective than traditional colloidal products containing up to 3000 ppm.

How do we use it in our home?

It’s somewhat like green eggs and ham….we use it everywhere, in the mouth, in the nose, on your face, on your toes!

  • Use it to soothe irritated areas, skin rashes, or those elbow and knee scrapes you might get from summer fun. Before you put that bandaid on… use Silgenic Restore Gel!
  • It’s an excellent addition to your daily routine to help protect and beautify your skin. Your face will thank you when that bacterial acne goes away!
  • Excellent to keep in your beach bag for those hot days in the sun to cool and soothe the skin from too much time in the sun.
  • In the nose to help with dryness or irritation & hopefully prevent those un-fun dry nose bleeds.
  • Silgenic Restore Gel is even safe to use In the mouth to help with cankers, sore throats, or baby thrush.
  • Best of all, unlike other silver products, SilverSol won’t harm probiotics; it isn’t metabolized in the body & is safely excreted with no residual buildup. That means we can safely use it EVERY DAY!

Not only is Silgenic™ more advanced than any other colloidal silver, but it is also backed by 420 independent 3rd party rigorous studies and tests, including 32 safety studies and 5 human ingestion studies.

Most fantastic news of ALL… doesn’t sting! – so Kids (and adults) don’t cry when it’s put on those cuts and scrapes!!! You know you’re going to want more than one!!

Like green eggs and ham, you just might discover you like Silgenic Restore Gel too!

Make your family happy with Silgenic Restore Gel as your new favorite, natural, safe, and effective solution!

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