Small Adjustments Lead to Big Change

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A friend recommended EMPowerplus because she had heard a presentation by Autumn Stringam and knew I was struggling with debilitating stress-related health issues. I started taking the capsules, and while I didn’t notice a huge difference immediately, I also did not experience any negative side effects. (Something I was all too familiar with after years on medications.)

I continued to take EMPowerplus and noticed little things here and there. I was less agitated. I felt more even—less moody.

After taking EMPowerplus for a month, I decided it was safe enough to share with family members. I had one daughter in particular who struggled a lot. She was born with several health struggles. We nearly lost her at 3 days old. Thankfully, competent healthcare professionals were able to help get her stabilized, and our adventure began.

She was a VERY picky eater but otherwise appeared healthy. She was somewhat delayed in reaching many developmental milestones, but once she grasped a concept, she rocketed past her peers. She was easily overwhelmed and reacted very intensely (physical and emotional outbursts) if her routines were interrupted. Shopping was stressful, overwhelming, and heartbreaking. Stressful and overwhelming because she got overstimulated so easily and threw fits. Heartbreaking because of the judgmental looks (and sometimes comments) about my “spoiled child” who was “undisciplined.”

In fourth grade, we sought psychological testing to discover how best to support her. She had the cognitive abilities of someone nearly twice her age but experienced some short-term memory issues. She also struggled in social situations and became very anxious in public settings. She used to cry for hours and get stomach aches every morning before school, so I decided to homeschool her.

It was at this point that EMPowerplus came into our lives. She started taking it (which was a miracle) because the pills are not small and she is so affected by texture and taste. Again, we didn’t notice a big difference immediately, but we also didn’t notice any negative effects, so we persisted.

Ultimately, the numbers that worked best for her were 3 capsules with breakfast and 3 with her afterschool snack. She experienced fewer outbursts. She was better able to focus. “Mondays” and “tests” no longer caused her to have what we had come to refer to as a “fit,” that on her hardest days could last up to 3 hours. She was able to return to public school. (I hadn’t even considered the possibility when she started taking EMPowerplus.) We worked with teachers to accommodate her need for additional time to complete tasks and developed systems to support her in meeting deadlines, but she no longer needed an IEP.

She was pretty wiped out from the mental and emotional exertion when she got home from school each day, which is why I gave her EMPowerplus with her afterschool snack right when she got home. She often told me of classmates she saw who she thought would benefit from EMPowerplus because of behaviors she recognized but no longer experienced.

She took six capsules a day for five years. Teachers at the middle school never even knew how much she had struggled because by that time she didn’t need accommodations. That isn’t to say it didn’t still require a LOT of support aka “oversight” and diligence on my part to support her in turning in the schoolwork she had actually completed. And we had many a conversation (debate) about the value of learning about things “I am never going to use in real life.”

When Lightning became available, she didn’t like it at first. The flavor was intense and she was a little freaked out by how it “felt weird on the inside of her cheeks.” When I explained that was the nutrients being absorbed into the very tissues in her mouth, that eased her concerns a little. And she liked it better when she put the Lightning under her tongue instead of on it. Ultimately, the fact that she didn’t have to have any food with the Lightning won her over. She could then sleep in until the last possible moment and then take her Lightning on the way to school instead of drinking a glass of milk and eating a banana en route so she could take her capsules.

Now that she’s an active teen and nearly out of school, she doesn’t always take them as regularly as she once did. She does, however, recognize the benefit and takes them when she’s really struggling with something. She also talks to me about how we should figure out how to get Thunder in the school vending machines because she knows it is so much healthier than energy drinks, which she says her peers “drink a ton of.”

Meanwhile, I continue to take EMPowerplus as well (a combination of capsules and Lightning), and so do many of my family members. 

We all noticed we are much nicer people to be around (less impatient, angry, moody, stressed) when we empower our brains and bodies.

Now when one of us is having a rough day, instead of saying, “Did you take your meds,” we say, “Which flavor Lightning would you like?” We’re very, very grateful for Tony Stephan and all he and his family endured to bring these products to us. I hope they will bless you and your family too!

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