When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear

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I think it’s a miracle we live as long as we do! You know those quizzes you see on social media asking how many things you did as a child and lived to tell the tale? You know the ones I mean: Did you drink from a garden hose? Ride in a car without a seat belt? Play in the street with your friends until dark? The world has changed since many of us were kids, and while not all changes are good, many of them are.

One of the good changes I’ve experienced is the wealth of information and education readily available, specifically about health and nutrition. (Like this blog!) Like all information, the source must be vetted and the truth and validity of the information carefully evaluated and considered. 

What good thing have I learned more about, you might ask? Bugs. The idea of bugs in general freaks me out a bit. It’s been interesting—and a bit unsettling—to learn that our bodies, especially our guts, are full of microscopic ones. Learning that many of them can harm me was alarming! 

Some may consider me more naive than most, but I didn’t “need to know” about microscopic bugs or gut health until fairly recently. It’s like when you buy a car. You didn’t even notice that car before you owned one, but now that you do you see them everywhere! That’s how I feel about gut health. 

I know the two words independent of one another. 

Gut /guht/

  1. the belly, stomach, or abdomen;  “a painful stabbing feeling in my gut
  2. the inner working parts of a machine or device;
  3. (Informal) used in reference to a feeling or reaction based on an instinctive emotional response rather than considered thought “I had a gut feeling something was wrong.
  4. (Informal) courage and fortitude; nerve; determination; stamina “Standing up to that bully took a lot of guts.


Health /helTH/

  1. the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor; “good health; poor health
  2. soundness of body or mind; freedom from disease or ailment “to have one’s health
  3. vigor; vitality


I had been told of probiotics in yogurt and the importance of taking it in combination with antibiotics. I couldn’t know the importance of gut health to my overall quality of life though until my body gave me a huge wake-up call. Gratefully, when it did, Renova Worldwide was already in my life, so its gut-health products were there to help me respond in a way that provided fast, meaningful results and relief!

Prosper to the rescue! Prosper is part of my daily routine. I’m grateful for its ability to help manage my “bug collection.” It works for me to take a stick after breakfast. It makes a huge difference in my overall health! I feel more energetic, I experience less bloating, and my body more efficiently rids itself of waste. 

I add an extra stick to help my guts and body manage the explosion of bad bugs that thrive in the environment I create when I succumb to the call of sugar or flour. 

Speaking of sugar and flour (and other tempting “foods”), I’ve learned Vitamino-23 is amazing at helping me manage cravings, so when unfriendly foods call they get a “no longer in service” message. They also helped a family member successfully stop smoking.

CellularTEA and its 14 powerful herbs have been fascinating reading as well. Oh, the wonders of Mother Nature! And talk about a powerful exterminator of ne’er-do-wells! It detoxes while managing to taste like a hug from the earth! How cool is that?

Bottom line: When I (the student) was ready to learn more about health and nutrition, Renova Worldwide products and their helpful staff (the teacher) appeared! Thanks, Renova! 💜

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