You Are What You Absorb

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We are what we absorb—whether it’s good for our body or bad for our body. What our cells absorb is reflected in our body, brain, and gut, as well as our emotions. Renova Worldwide’s direct-to-cell delivery method uses a technology that is at least 10-15 years ahead of any other method. Those micronutrients get where they need to go!

My years in corporate wellness have taught me that nutrients must do two things to be beneficial and effective: 1) they must be able to be absorbed, and 2) they have to get to the cells. Supplement users in the corporate wellness world also want proven products. The 35 medical journal publications documenting the benefits of EMPowerplus are the result of research conducted by third parties as opposed to in-house or biased. The $30+ million spent to conduct the research was NOT paid for by Renova Worldwide. It was independently invested. Consumers can trust the official data on these products.

For several decades, supplementation has been a part of my daily lifestyle because I had a wake-up call that necessitated me understanding the power and importance of micronutrients. 

Supplementation resolved my issues and continues to provide me the support I need through each phase of life.

My husband and I have found that with supplementation, there are foundational AND targeted micronutrients to fill in the gaps. EMPowerplus Lightning sticks and Prosper (prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes) have laid the foundation of our daily needs for body-brain-gut. With us both having different needs, we’ve targeted our micronutrients with Vitamino-23Nascent IodineInositol, and Fortify.

With each decade of life and lifestyle stresses and routines, those targeted products have immensely stepped up our support. Yes, we notice a difference, and our blood work measures the full support these products have provided us. Because these products are in health packs designed to work together synergistically, bonebrain, and sleep health improvement is a win for us now!

Unexpected benefits came to us when we needed to detox from mold exposure to which we had unknowingly been subjected. Our plan included adding CellularTEA to our regimen. CellularTEA is the most critical part of getting your body to detox, cleanse, and provide immune building during a process of ridding the body of unwanted toxins. When you see the photos of us before detoxing the mold exposure, and then today, the difference in our face and body speaks volumes.

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